About Us

Dear Friends of Ballet5280,

        When I set about creating our company, I had one goal in mind: to create a company that was inclusive of all types of dancers.  It should come as no surprise that there is a great deal of emotional and physical pressure on ballet dancers, and I wanted to do my part to change this unhealthy ideal and aspect of the ballet world.  It is important for our future dancers and our children that they see “themselves” on stage—that they recognize that beauty exists no matter the shape, race, or hair color of the dancer. 

       I wanted to create en emotionally beneficial experience for the dancers through an environment that minimized competition and emphasized togetherness and teamwork. We hope that you are able to see the fruits of our efforts through the lovely dancing of our ballerinas.

       Many have told me that my mission is naive and that our company will fail. I hope you will help to prove me wrong and to create a positive and healthy environment for artists.

        If you would like to help support our cause, please contact me via the "elevate with us" page of this site, and I promise to respond to each and every inquiry!

       Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks goes to Kris Kehl of Denver Dance Center for her inspiration and use of her studio space, as well as for many years of support. 

        Special thanks also go to my family, especially my husband for his support and encouragement; and to my baby girl, who motivates me to create a better world.

                                                                   Briana Selstad Bosch
                                                                   Founder & Artistic Director